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Taking an active approach with hands-on treatment and acupuncture

What's Unique About Us
We provide prolonged treatment, often combines active exercise with multimodalities therapy

(for example: in one session combined different treatments like Acupuncture/IMS, Shockwave Therapy, and manual therapy when appropriate/ if necessary, therefore please be prepared to stay longer.)

We offer TMJ (Jaw) and assoicated myofascial pain treatment

We speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin

Our team also provide Total Knee and Total Hip Replacements Rehabilitation. (After Surgery Treatment)


We open on most Saturdays (except summer months)
We open late on most week nights

We are open


all appropriate COVID 19 safety measures in place

to ensure safety of everyone and 

to respect the social distancing regulations.


Please contact us for further


(please kindly leave a message if we are not available when you call, or email us)


For everyone's safety, please use the 

BC COVID 19 self assessment tool 

before your next appointment.




Westwood Physiotherapy Clinic



Westwood Physiotherapy Clinic is committed to providing you high quality physiotherapy services by means of comprehensive assessment, effective treatment and active rehabilitation.  

Our Mission

At our clinic, we strive to treat each of our clients with a caring attitude in a friendly and professional setting.

 Providing each and everyone of our clients sufficient time for one-to-one assessment, education, and treatment is important to us so that we can help them appropriately and effectively. 


Our Values

Our Belief

We strongly believe in an active approach to therapy and we work together with each of our clients as a team in their exercises and physical training in order to maximized their rehabilitation potential as early as possible.


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